I came across this video on You Tube & thought it would be a great addition to my BIMD series.  The video showcases Mayor Hazel McCallion who has been the mayor of a city in Canada called Mississauga for 30 years & has won 11 consecutive elections. Can you believe it?  That has to be a world record. What a great example of the Veteran or Greatest Generation.  And the best part:  under her watch the city is one of the few in Canada or anywhere else that is debt-free.  I couldn’t believe that either. Debt-free?  Although that might have been more common back in the day, it certainly is extremely uncommon today.  By the way, Mississauga is the 6th largest city in Canada so they’re no slouches!!

She is a breath of fresh air and what a ball of fire.  She’s a petite woman but has more energy than 50 Gen Yers put together. Watch the short clip to get a good start to your day.  What a great example of leadership, integrity & accountability.  And the people love her.  It’s easy to see why.  We need more Hurricane Hazel’s in this world. 

Happy Friday, everybody!