I ran into this website called Classic TV ads  that shows vintage commercials going as far back as the 1950′s.  What a great walk down memory lane.  They show you a list of commercials broken down by groups such as Eat, Drink, Clean, and others.  You can go into each section and see a quick description of the commercials.  Then if you want to see one, you just click on the one you want to see and voila, you’re back in time watching the commercial.

I have to warn you that some of the commercials especially the ones dating back to the 1950′s are very grainy and difficult to see but most of them are in great condition. They even have a group of commercials called Smoke.  Yes, they actually show you cigarrette commercials from back in the day.  Looking at some of them brought back so many memories because I remembered seeing them as a kid.  My favorite part in looking at the commercials was remembering the jingles.  There was a description for the Shake-A-Puddin commercial and instantly, I started singing the jingle.  So you know I had to click the video and sure enough, I was singing along with the commercial.  It was the perfect release from a stressful day.

 Can you imagine what Millennials would think of those commercials?  Share the link with them.  It’s good for them to get a perspective of things they have no knowledge of.  You’ll be amazed at what they will find interesting and weird. 

Happy Friday, everybody!!!