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Alicia Blain

IT Humor

It’s amazing to me the things that go viral & what people find funny.  Recently, I saw this slideshow on the CIO Magazine website that showed the top 10 funniest Internet memes of the last 10 years.  Took me back.  A meme in case you are wondering is a piece of digital content that has spread rapidly on the internet & that people have altered before passing it on to friends and colleagues.  When you see them, you’ll remember having received a few in an email sent by your friend who seems to always have a lot of time on his hands to not only find them but to send them from work!  I have a few of those “busy” friends.

I remember getting a few of them but some I have never seen. The one that stands out for me is being Rick Roll’d.  I received that one from several of my friends.  Very annoying.  Which ones have you seen?   Which ones were sent by your “busy” friend? 

Happy Friday, everybody…

You can tell that I’ve been immersing myself in YouTube these last few weeks.  By now, it’s no secret that YouTube has become the second most popular search engine.  You know which is No.1 – Google, of course.  But look at how quickly YouTube has risen to the top as a SEARCH ENGINE.  It’s amazing.  But it’s where the Millennials live and thrive.

I was reading a tweet the other day from someone I follow, Chad Catacchio - The Next Web – @thenextwebasia – and ran into this hilarious video called “Tweet It“.  It’s a Michael Jackson inspired spinoff of his song “Beat It” only this time the gangs are made up of IPAD vs. IPhone users.  They lyrics are hysterical and it’s pretty well done.

Again it not only shows creativity at work but the power of the message delivered in video.

Watch the video & think of ways you can introduce video to convey your message at work.  In the next blog, I’ll tell you how I did.

I had to share this with all my IT compadres.  It’s another comic strip  or “IToon” created by Dave Blazek that I found while reading a Unisys blog.  Here’s the link.  As the cartoon says, it’s another installment of “consumerization humorization” and it’s hysterical.

As we enter another week and head towards the end of another month, here’s something to make you chuckle.

Happy Monday!