Any time there is an opportunity to have Gen Yers share how they feel about their corporate experience, about work or the future of work, my ears perk up. It’s so important to give Gen Yers a way to express their views  &  it’s even better when it’s done in a collective fashion. That’s why I have to tell you about an exciting opportunity for you, Gen Y, to share the good, the bad & the ugly about work.

Stacey Randall, founder of SBR Consulting, LLC in Charlotte,  NC shares my passion for listening to Gen Ys and leveraging the amazing talent you  bring to the workplace.  Her company is an employee engagement HR consulting firm specializing in understanding generational diversity. 

During the month of February,  her company is conducting a survey to determine how you, Gen Y,  feel about working in corporate America,  about future employment decisions, what’s important about work and the future.  Much has been said about your generation in the past five to 10 years but has the recession and slow recovery changed your thoughts, perceptions and behaviors in regard to work? 

The survey taking place now is actually Phase II of  the project.  In January,  2010 SBR published their  findings from a national survey of Millennials who had been laid off in 2007, 2008 or 2009.  To find the results and download the whitepaper visit & register to get a copy.

In Phase II,  you get to weigh in on how you feel about work today & what you want it to look like in the future.  It’s your turn to tell everyone what you think instead of letting them tell you what you think or think you should think – :-) .

So here’s the deal:  The survey is for Gen Yers only – those born between 1980 & 2000.

Here’s the link: 

Don’t worry.. The survey is completely confidential & you won’t get spammed.

The important thing about surveys is the number of people that complete it – the more, the better the results. So feel free to share the link with ALL your friends – the more, the better.  Do it today so they can share it with their friends & everyone can give their opinion before the end of the month.  The survey will be live through March 1st so hurry…

Don’t miss this great opportunity to share your opinions & make a difference.  Take the survey & be counted!

Can’t wait to see what you say as a group… I’m sure it’ll be eye opening !!!