I was talking to some Gen Yers this week & we were talking about TV.  Just like every generation before me, I get amazed at how much the younger generation takes for granted. In the case of Gen  Yers, their world has been so technologically rich from such an early age that they can’t even relate to the limited technology choices many of us had growing up.  Not that we saw it as a limitation.  Quite the opposite.  I was sharing how excited I was when as a young teenager, my parents bought me my very own small COLOR TV.  This meant that I no longer had to watch TV in the gigantic TV fixture in the living room and could watch whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

I had to explain to them that “whatever & whenever” were extremely limited back then and didn’t mean thousands of cable channels, TIVO, Blockbuster options we have today. I had to explain that we only had 3 or 4 Network stations to choose from and that they didn’t run 24/7.  The idea of having a  “Late Show” & “Late, Late Show” & then nothing more was difficult to grasp for a group that knows no boundaries or limitations in TV selections.

The Gen Yers were clearly appalled.  One of them looked at me and said “How did you survive all those years without your own TV? Another one asked “You mean TV had a curfew back in the day”  A curfew!  I had to laugh because for Gen Yers that would be tough to get used to but for us, it was wonderful to be able to stay up late & catch the “Late, Late Show” in the summer.  One of them had a laptop handy so I thought it was a good time to show them what life was like back in the day.  I told him to enter the “Past is a Blast“  and click on the 1950′sFun Facts tab.  When the page came up, they all circled around it and starting commenting & giggling at the highlights of the time. 

Such things as CBS started broadcasting in color, there were thousands of drive-in movie theaters, Walt Disney’s Cinderella debuted in movie theaters and my personal favorite, an attachment for 45 RPM records became available.  I still have  a fairly large collection of 45s that I keep in a very cool 45 record case in my garage. And yes, believe it or not, I still own a stereo that can play 45s & “LPs”. 

The Gen Yers couldn’t believe I had 45s. “What’s an LP” ? one of them asked me. I had to chuckle.   Since none of them had seen a 45 record, I promised to take a picture of one of my 45s & text it to them.  They were totally excited and I know the next step will be a visit to my home so I can actually play the 45 records on my stereo. Oh, show & tell!  It’s wonderful thing.

So what are your memories growing up in the 50′s?  It’s amazing how much you forget until you go back in time by either talking about your childhood or visiting sites like the Past is a Blast. We have great stories to share & I think it’s valuable to share them with Gen Yers.  I think it puts things in perspective for them & they appreciate how far things have come and how lucky they are to live with so many conveniences.

Happy Friday, everybody!!