Strange question, right?  Well, not really if you think about it.  As Baby Boomers trying to get comfortable texting to our Millennial staff and children, it often appears like we have large, clunky thumbs.  Have you ever looked at how effortlessly Millennials text?  Have you seen a Boomer text?  It can be painful to watch and pretty funny.

And what Boomers write as texts  is even funnier. Well, thanks to the creativity of what I believe is probably an enterprising Millennial, we now have a blog called “When Parents Textwhere we can actually read the wacky texts that Boomers sendThe subtitle under the blog’s name is ” Small Keypad… Old Hands”.  Is that a great description?  I love it!  According to the site, it  “…  is dedicated to the trials and errors that come when a parent handles a cellphone”.  I’m chuckling as I copy that.

Basically, the website is a repository of text messages that Millennials have received from their parents.  They even have a Best of the Month section  & a Favorite section.  Although some of the texts are not that interesting there are some that are absolutely hysterical & clearly show Boomer discomfort in the texting arena.  Sometimes, they show Boomer originality in coming up with new phrases or emoticons.  One mom created a Bowtie emoticon I’m not sure why she created it in the context of the text itself. 

That’s what makes the site amusing.  Another text was from a father & he texted the following:  “This is your father. call me when you get this text message. Do not reply. DAD”   See what I mean?  Very funny stuff. 

As the year winds down and some of us have some free time to spare, check out this funny site and catch a few laughs while you catch the creativity of Millennials.  Like I’ve said many times:  Millennials are not afraid to start their own trends – they don’t think outside the box because they don’t see the box in the first place.  That’s a good way to start 2011.  Throw out the box that limits your ability to see innovation and possibilities…