As we bid adieu to another year, there are tons of sites that are looking back and reminiscing about 2010 from all sorts of perspectives from top celebrity scandals in 2010 to the most watched YouTube video.  Since this is BIMD Friday, it is very appropriate to go back & take a look at 2010.   CIO Magazine always manages to capture these glimpses of past events in a funny light and they didn’t disappoint me with their Weirdest, Wackiest, and Stupidest Sci/Tech Stories of 2010 Slideshow prepared by Michael Cooney. 

The stories are pretty wacky and I don’t remember seeing or reading about most of them. That’s why these lists are always fun and informative.  I have 2 favorites.  The first one was when Newsday had to pull down a funny Apple IPAD video ad where the father in the video is reading a  newspaper on his IPAD but forgets it’s a gadget & tries to swat a fly with it.  You see the IPAD’s screen shattered & a dead fly next to it.  The video went viral but soon after it was released it was pulled down never to be seen again. Cute idea, though & very original.

The second is how IBM is going to put their famous Watson Supercomputer on Jeopardy in the first ever million dollar man vs. machine Jeopardy competition.  Put it on your calendars.  It will air on February 14 -16 of 2011.  Should be an interesting show. What were your favorite whacky stories from the list?

As the year draws to end, I hope we have had many whacky stories to make us laugh throughout the year and to make us appreciative of all we have in our lives.  I can’t wait to see what interesting things 2011 has in store for us but I know we won’t be disappointed!  As we get ready to bring in a new year,  I wish everyone lots of health, wealth & happiness.

Happy Friday, everybody & all the best for the coming year!