Well, Steve Tobak’s recent article on BNET’s Corner Office section may help you determine if you are or not.  In case you don’t read the Corner Office, Steve Tobak always looks at corporate America through a humorous but yet very honest lens.  In this article he argues that being a manager closely resembles the stages of human development.  Sometimes we get stuck in one stage instead of evolving to the next.  The only problem is when we do that as managers we affect a lot more people than just ourselves & our immediate family.

He has identified the 5 Stages of Management Development & briefly describes each one.  Read through & see which stage you fall into and more importantly, if you feel like you’ve been stuck in any particular stage. 

I like what he says in the 5th Stage which he calls the Maturity stage.  He says that in this stage you realize you are like everybody else & that you succeed in some things, don’t succeed in others & you learn from everything.  The last part is the part I like best because it’s so applicable to leading in today’s times.  As our experiences have matured us & given us a roadmap to use in leadership, we have to always remember to learn and adapt how we do things.  Sometimes adapting means we have to stop relying so much on the roadmap & focus on creating new routes.  Sometimes, as Steve mentions, it’s being humble enough to look at yourself as others in your team see you & not like you think they see you.

So what management stage describes you?  More importantly, what are you doing to ensure that you are learning so you can be an effective leader to everyone in your team?