Ok, I’m going to be up front and let you know that today’s BIMD is only going to appeal to IT folks so the rest of the folks are forewarned.   I came across another slideshare in CIO Magazine created by Tim Greene.  It was originally published in Network World. The title:  “Are you an IT Geezer?”   I loved the title and it totally fits the BIMD theme since the author goes back in time – way back  - and asks questions to test how savvy you are about vintage computer stuff such as Magnetic Core Memory.  There were a few that I didn’t know and it was good to get a refresher.

My favorite question:  In the 1960′s, IBM was referred to as Snow White by other computer companies.  Who were the 7 dwarfs?

So go back in time, take the test & see if you’re an IT Geezer.  You’re guaranteed to learn something I’m sure.  I plan on sharing it with my Millennial IT friends to give them a good perspective on how good they have it today.

Happy Friday, everybody!