I just saw a great example of the power of possibility that Millennials have by being young at a time in history that is so technically rich and full of opportunities to leverage that richness.

I was reading an article in ZDNet called: “Going Viral: ‘Concert’ on NYC Subwayshowcases power of IPhone” written by Larry Dignan, Sam Diaz, Andrew Nusca.  They show a video of a NYC band called Atomic Tom.  In the video you see the bandmembers singing a song but it’s how they do it that is spectacular.  They use their IPhone to record the song and to video the performance.  Nothing new there.  But you seem them actually using the IPhone to play the instruments!! Yes, the instruments. 

It’s wild.  I’m sure it took a lot of practice to be able to use the IPhone as musical instruments but the point is they did and in doing so they are giving Apple a great endorsement & as the writers say they are clearly showcasing the power of the IPhone.

But to me this video is much more.  It shows the tremendous ingeniuity and creativity that Millennials have. Because technology has been a part of their lives from such an early age they have an incredible ability to use it in such creative ways that other generations simply can’t fathom.  It’s not in our DNA because we were never exposed to technology as children.  

After observing Millennials so intently, I know and have seen the tremendous possibilities they offer.  That is why I often question why they are not leveraged more in corporate settings.  At a time when companies are cutting back & basically just keeping the lights on, they are missing out on the incredible opportunities to infuse innovation in their organizations by unleashing the inherent talent in their Millennial staff.  

I’ve heard leaders actually say that tapping into the Millennials and the workplace of the future are not priorities for them right now because of the economic situation at hand.  To me, that’s silo thinking & very shortsighted.  This is precisely the time organizations should unleash the Millennials at work.  It’s not hard to do.  In the many blogs I’ve written in the past, I show concrete ways that leaders and organizations can do that.  If you keep waiting for the “right” time to focus on the workplace of the future it will never happen & the opportunities will be lost.

Organizations are leaving talent on the table as we speak.  That’s not only a shame, it represents countless opportunities for innovation lost.  It’s the savvy companies whose leaders have shfited their traditional leadership mindsets and are willing to experiment with their Millennial staff that will be light years ahead of other companies as things slowly turn around in the economy.

I hope that by watching the video, you will be able to see the wonderful possibilities the Millennials offer & will challenge you to take steps to leverage the power of those possibilities in your team.

Are you ready to let go of the past and unleash your own Atomic Tom in your workplace?  I hope so.  The future is now and the clock is ticking…