I have been howling with laughter ever since I read Dave Logan’s  article in BNET titled “Do you Work for Stupid, Inc.”.  First of all, what a great title!  It immediately caught my attention.  Why it does that is because  instinctively we  immediately know that we have worked for or are sadly still working for Stupid, Inc.  We read the article to validate that initial instinct.

The idea of taking a test called LOSE – Logan Organizational Stupidity Exam – is hilarious.   I loved the questions.  Why?  Because as I answered them I confirmed that indeed I had worked for companies that exhibited those ridiculous traits.  Sadly, many of them exhibited all if not most of them.  I found myself not being able to pick my favorite stupid traits because they were all so good.

What I loved most about the article is that it pinpoints in a humorous way, what is wrong in corporate America today and why so many employees, especially the younger ones, are so disenchanted with it.  I like Dave’s point that says : “Organizational stupidity is more than fodder for Dilbert cartoons. It’s the reason our country is lagging behind in competitiveness“.   I happen to strongly agree with him and it’s one of the many things that worries me as we prepare to “lead” our future workforce.   The Stupid, Inc. mentality is so ingrained in so many organizations that replacing it will require a herculean effort.  Hopefully, our future leaders will decide it’s not worth it and start from scratch.  Now that would be interesting to see.

So what about you?  Do you work for Stupid, Inc. ?  What are you doing to stop the spread of  “Stupid-itis” in your team and in your company?  Remember change starts with baby steps.  What baby step can you take to stop the stupid virus from spreading in your organization?