I came across this great article in the AARP website called “Power of 50: Television’s Defining, Changing Moments” written by Betsy Tower.  It highlights 25 of the most highly viewed TV moments in the last 50 years.  It goes as far back as the Kennedy-Nixon debates in 1960 and as recent as Hurricane Katrina.  What a great way to travel back in time.

You can select from the list of 25 events. Once you do, it is shown on an old TV with YouTube imbedded in it to show the particular event you selected.  Really cute idea.

My favorites:  The Beatles on Ed Sullivan, Apollo 11 Moon Landing,  Saturday Night Live Debut with George Carlin and Charles & Diana’s wedding.

I could think of a few others that I would have added.  That’s the beauty of lists.  They always make you think of other things to add.

So what about you?  What are your favorites and which other TV moments would you add.

Share the link with Millennials.. They love anything on YouTube and imagine what they’ll learn in the meantime.

Happy Friday, everybody!!!