I love to see examples of the generations working collaboratively and harmoniously side by side and I ran into a great story in this month’s AARP bulletin.  It was an article written by Susan Kreimer called ” Senior Dance Teams Score on NBA Courts“.

Did you know that there are senior dance squads performing at NBA games?  Seriously… Apparently for the past few years, retired members of the Veteran Generation (those over 65 years old) audition to be part of these senior dance squads with names like the “Orlando Magic Silver Stars” and the ”Phoenix Suns’ Golden Grannies”.  I love it!

The picture in the AARP bulletin (those of you with an AARP membership can log in & view the story online) is priceless.  It shows a young Millennial woman practicing dance moves along side a retired veteran called Fanny Militar.  Fanny was auditioning for the NJ Nets. Both of them looked like they were having a blast.

The article is a reminder that while each generation may seem unfamiliar, there are many things that we have in common.  Isn’t it better to focus on the commonalities instead of the conflicts?

Isn’t that a good lesson to put into play in corporate?  Let’s try focusing on commonalities instead of conflicts for a change.  We  might learn something from the NBA [ here I go with Sports again!!]