On September 22nd, I blogged about Nancy Lublin’s article in Fast Company Magazine where she gives her insightful perspective on why Millennial Bashing is wrong.  Yesterday, I came across a blog written by a Fast Company blogger called Cali Williams Yost titled  “How Millennials are an Untapped Treasure for Business“.  She gives a wonderful example of how a senior leader in a company tapped the potential that Gen Yers have to increase business during the worst part of the financial crisis.  The senior leader discovered, as I did in my Millennial Lab, that instead of telling Millennials what to do, it’s best to guide them but at the same time, try to unleash their creativity, collaboration and enthusiasm for a project.  The results will amaze you.

Recently I was talking to an executive who had followed some of the points I share in my C.A.R.E. System of Leadership and he was excited about the progress he was making in engaging the Millennials in his team.  Without thinking, I responded that all companies have a goldmine in their Millennial staff that they should be leveraging especially during these difficult times.  He said: ” Wow, that’s what I have and I didn’t even know it. I have a Millennial Goldmine”.

As I read this blog that talked about businesses having a wonderful source of untapped treasure, I remembered the excitement my executive client had leveraging his Millennial Goldmine. 

What about you?  Are you leaving Talent on the Table by not tapping the Millennial treasure you have in your team?  What steps are you taking to disrupt your leadership status quo and leverage your Millennial Goldmine?