This past August, I wrote a post called “Want a Glimpse of the Future?  Visit Johnny’s Campus”.  I urged corporate leaders, especially CIOs to visit a local university campus or better yet, to join a Board of Advisors for one of the programs at the university.  As the title of the post implies, if you want to see what your future employees will demand as employees start observing them in a university setting to see what they like and what consumer devices they are using.

Coincidentally, I was looking through my Google Alerts and came across this article written by Hilton Collins of Government Technology magazine Titled “What the Future IT Workforce will Look Like“.  The article touches on many of the same points I brought up in my blog plus some other good insights on how people will work in the future.  Say goodbye to the 9 to 5!  A good read.

What about you?  Do you think the workplace will be less regimented than it is today? Is that a good thing or not?