I came across a BNET article written by Geoffrey James earlier in the month titled “Office Nut Cases: A Field Guide” and it occurred to me that this was a perfect BIMD entry. The writer is very funny and I was laughing at the description he gives for each nutcase category.  The reason it was so funny is because I could actually put a face to each of the descriptions.  I know you will too.  That’s what made it so fun.

As I was naming the nutcases I had known, I realized some of them dated pretty far back to my early career days.  In addition to holding on to some outdated 20th Century beliefs and principles, it appears we are holding on to nutcases as well.  As I traveled down my “nutcase” memory lane, it was interesting to see that these whacky people cut across all generations and that no particular group has a monopoly on them.  That was sort of refreshing to me in a way. So when you are trying to find ways that the generations in the workplace are similar,  you now have the answer – we all have nutcases!

The writer identifies 13 examples of nutcases. The great thing is at the beginning of the article he gives you the 13 categories with a one sentence description of the nutcase type. The names have a link in case you want to know more about a particular nutcase. I found myself clicking them all since from the initial list I could identify people in every category! 

So for some fun & giggles, check out the nutcase field guide and see how many nutcases you’ve come to know during your corporate career.

Happy Friday, everybody!!