According to Bob Sutton, we certainly can.  Bob was interviewed in the McKinsey Quarterly.  The interview was videotaped and it’s not long and well worth the time to see it.  In the video, Bob talks about a recipe that he and his mentor came up with years ago that applies to leading in today’s tumultuous workplace.  According to him,  ”The recipe is prediction, understanding, control, and compassion”. 

Nice recipe and one that as leaders we often forget.  Especially the compassion part.  

So what about you?  What are you doing during these challenging times to show your team that you care about what they are thinking,  worrying about and feeling?  Remember that as things begin to stabilize in the economy and companies begin to hire, your team will remember what exactly you did or did not do during these scary times to make them feel part of YOUR team.

Enjoy the video!