I am a huge fan of comic strips.  For me, cartoonists are incredibly creative people not just because they can sketch and draw but because they have their fingers on the pulse of what is going on in our society and in our organizations.  One ingenious and clever sketch catches our immediate attention and resonates with us because it touches on a popular subject that we have an opinion about – good or bad. It cuts to the chase in an incredibly funny way that makes us laugh.

So by now my interest in Millennials is quite apparent.  One of the things that most fascinates me about them is how they are blurring the lines that exist between their personal and corporate lives and the impact that will have not only on IT going forward but on organizations and the way they are structured.  IT consumerization is a topic that is of interest to me for that reason and I try to stay up on the subject. In my blog yesterday I reference the recent article in Dark Reading on the very subject.  As I was researching further,  I came across this comic strip by Dave Blazek.   Click  here  to see the cartoon.  In one clever strip, Dave was able to succinctly capture the essence of what corporate leaders today are facing as Millennials mix their private and corporate worlds into one.  And he did it in an extremely funny and creative way.

It gave me a much needed chuckle and hope it does the same for you.